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When you subscribe to one of our skills, you get the latest resources relevant for that skill, automatically added to your library. You can also search through our extensive list of curated resources. You don't need to spend hours scrolling LinkedIn or searching Google anymore.


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Define your learning objectives. We take care of the planning by sending you a weekly newsletter. All the resources we send are related to the skills you want to acquire, and the concepts you want to learn. You don't need to subscribe to 10+ newsletters anymore.


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Watch yourself reaching your goals week after week. Come back to any previously seen concepts and refresh your memory with open-ended questions that help you retain information for the long-term.


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Behind the scenes

As the founder of CuratedML, my vision is to revolutionize the way AI professionals engage with educational content.

With a background in machine learning and a passion for continuous learning, I recognized the challenges professionals face in keeping up-to-date with the rapidly evolving field. CuratedML was born out of a desire to create a streamlined, effective learning process that integrates seamlessly into each individual's schedule. The platform helps [DS, MLE, DA, DE] professionals to stay ahead of the curve with personalized, curated content.

Quoc-Tien Au